CFN Solutions provide high quality and reliable business network services that help organisations to control/reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Whatever your internet requirements are CFN Solutions have exactly what you are looking for. Below is a brief summary of the main connectivity products we offer. To make things easier we always recommend a full review of your business structure and current usage prior to any proposal as often the solution you have or are thinking of ordering may not be suited for your business and may result in paying for something you don’t need.


ADSL is a low cost connectivity service when there isn’t a requirement for uploading or downloading large amounts of data. ADSL is a perfect small business solution and for those with simplified internet requirements such as general internet browsing and email.


Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC)

Business FTTC Internet Access service is a fast, reliable solution that provides you with the speed that you need to operate effectively. Where available, FTTC Internet Access service is ideal for remote workers and smaller offices that require faster speeds than ADSL can provide.


Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM)

EFM stands for Ethernet in the First Mile and is a technology for delivering a high speed, reliable internet connection to your business. Unlike a traditional leased line which uses Fibre to connect you to your local exchange, EFM uses bundles of copper pairs which means lower costs and a high resilience. The connection is symmetrical so you can upload data at the same speed as you download.


LAN Extension Services (LES)

A leased line connects your business directly to the internet using a dedicated direct fibre connection. The connection is not shared over normal telephone lines like Broadband, resulting in guaranteed speed, reliability and better security. The connection is symmetrical so you can upload data at the same speed as you download.


City Fibre

City Fibre is a new, pure fibre network that is available around Aberdeen on an independent network. Aberdeen is the first Gigabit City in Scotland. The network enables businesses to obtain superfast gigabit speed connectivity (at 1000Mbps).

Free Telecommunications review?

It is important for businesses to make sure that they are not only getting the most cost effective services but also working in the most efficient manner. Let us complete a full and more importantly FREE review of your current telecommunications.