Fixed Lines

CFN Solutions provide high quality and reliable business network services that help organisations to control/reduce costs and improve efficiency.

We have the solutions for you with our traditional telephone calls and line rental tariffs coupled with a wide range of products and services that address your every business need.

If you currently use PSTN (traditional analogue landline), PSTN (multi-line), ISDN2e or ISDN 30e within your busi- ness you need to speak to us. If you have no idea what services you are paying for when the bill comes in, you need to speak to us.

We undertake a thorough consultation to assess what you are currently paying for, what you are currently using and of course your actual business needs and will advise on the services best suited for delivering efficient and reliable internal, outbound and inbound voice communication.

Advantages of Choosing CFN Solutions for Your Business Phone Line Rentals & Calls:

  • Savings on business phone calls and business line rentals.
  • One billing agent and contact.
  • There is no inconvenience or disruption at customer site, as service is at BT exchange level.
  • Excellent levels of customer service and fault management.
  • No queues, multiple departments or overseas┬ácall centers.
  • No auto diallers, or system reprogramming.
  • Free easy monthly direct debit.

Free Telecommunications review?

It is important for businesses to make sure that they are not only getting the most cost effective services but also working in the most efficient manner. Let us complete a full and more importantly FREE review of your current telecommunications.